How can the BibEasy help?

Most babies will dribble/drool at some point in their first few years (some more than others). Dribbling itself is perfectly normally and nothing to be worried about.

Dribbling will normally get worse when babies are teething as they will naturally produce more saliva during this time. Teething is a stop/start process that can start from around 3 to 12 months and babies naturally produce more saliva during this time which can continue for at least two years.

What problems can dribble cause?

Excessive dribbling can cause ‘Dribble Rash’  which is a rash and/or soreness that babies get around the neck and chin area. Typically, this is caused by:

  • Dribble getting onto the baby’s chin and neck. Baby dribble contains digestive enzymes which irritate the skin and cause the rash.
  • Dribble makes the baby’s clothes wet which leads to rubbing and chafing against the baby’s skin. You can avoid this by using our BibEasy Bibs which prevent the neck and chest getting wet. Learn more about our BibEasy Bibs here

How can baby bibs help?

bibeasy benefits diagram

BibEasy bibs can help by tucking the flap over clothing to absorb dribble and stop it getting onto the baby’s skin. Our bibs will also prevent your baby’s clothes from getting wet which can stop chaffing, further irritation and help them avoid catching colds due to a wet chest.

The other advantage of our bibs is that they are designed to keep stains from getting onto the collar or neckline of clothing so you no longer need to change their clothes after feeding because the bib catches all he mess unlike a standard bib which sometimes moves out of place.

3-in-1: functional product to improve baby’s health
All You Need: Multi-function- Teething, Dribble Rash and Weaning
Absorbent: Unique design keeps baby extra dry
Practical: Keeps baby dry when teething and clean when weaning
Handy: No longer need to change messy stained tops
Easy To Use: On baby in less than 3 seconds

tickKeeps baby clean and dry and happy

tickProtects chest

tickHelps prevent dribble rash

tickInnovative flap obstructs food and mess

tickSaves you time

What to do if your baby already has dribble rash?

There are several creams and balms that can be used to provide a barrier for your baby’s skin if your baby already has dribble rash. These barrier creams prevent the dribble from making direct contact with the skin which prevents the irritation which causes the rash.

There are several commercial products available and a quick internet search will reveal the main ones which include Sudocream, Vaseline, e45 and Lansinoh all of which should be available from your local pharmacist.

If your baby’s dribble rash is very bad, your doctor can prescribe steroid creams which will help to clear up the rash.

Be sure not to mistake your baby’s dribble rash with eczema as some of the creams mentioned above may make eczema worse.

If your baby’s dribble rash is severe or you suspect eczema, you should speak to your doctor.

Try to keep your baby’s neck, chin and clothes dry as much as possible to avoid them getting dribble rash. Browse our range of BibEasy bibs here