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  • Love these hampers. Really well packed
  • Delivered in quick time. They look amazing all ready made gift with no wrapping. Would definitely shop again
Yvonne, SRC Nursery
  • The flap on these bibs are such a good idea, they really keep the babies clothes clean when eating and saves us changing their clothes.
  • They are also great at keeping the babies dry especially the ones who are teething, the large size is useful and they wash well
  • Wonderful quality and good prices coupled with excellent customer service
  • As a first time (and a little over protective) mum I have struggled to find a bib that doesn’t leave Lucas’ clothes wet underneath due to his dribbling. I was concerned that this will impact on the skin on his chest and also worried this may lead to him catching a cold.
  • I absolutely love the Bibeasy! It is fantastic quality, made of 100% cotton and has a nickle free popper. I found it easy to put on Lucas and once it was on, Lucas didn’t try to take it off which he has with others I have tried.
  • The flap on the bib easily fits under his top and soaks up any excess moisture, leaving his chest dry as well as his clothes clean. I would highly recommend them